Can my ghds be repaired?


how to repair faulty ghd can my ghd be repaired
Ghd repair service –

Generally speaking most models of straighteners are repairable no matter how old. However some of the very latest ghd straighteners as well as all hair hairdryers and curling tongs are not repairable as no parts are available.

If you have ghd straighteners that are broken there is a really easy way to tell if they are repairable – look at the on/off button

  1. All the models that have an on/ off button that slides from side  or up and down can be repaired (see model list below), no matter how old they are.
  2. If the button is a round button and you press it in to switch the straighteners on and off then 2 models of ghd cannot be repaired these are Ghd Platinum and Ghd Elclipse,  as no parts are available. See the images at the bottom of this blog to identify Platinum and Eclipse.
  3. However we can now repair the the new model Ghd Gold model number S7N261 (model number shown in top left of identification sticker)
Ghd Gold model identification sticker
 New Gold Model S7N261 identification


ghd gold model can now be repaired by fixmyghds
Ghd Gold can be repaired by can also repair any model of ghds if they have a button that slides.

Below is a list of GHD straightener model numbers that can be repaired:

GHD 3   GHD 3.1b   GHD 4.0   GHD 4.1   GHD 4.2   GHD 4.3   GHD 4.2b

GHD 5.0   MS  MS2   MS4   MS5   SS   SS2   SS4   SS5.0

The Model number is shown usually on the top left hand corner of a sticker that is inside the arm.

ghd repair model number for repairs. which model straighteners

It doesn’t matter how old this type of straighteners are we have all the parts in stock to carry out the repair and so they will be repaired, usually the same day, as we receive them. Because it is a postal service we can repair ghds from anywhere in the UK

The models that cannot be repaired are Platinum, Eclipse, Hairdryers and curling tongs.

Remember if the on/off button slides they are ok if it is a round button that presses in then they cannot be repaired

The process is simple through Book the repair online using the button below. Send the ghds to us along with a note with your name and return address so that we can identify them as being yours. We will repair the straighteners as soon as we receive, clean and fully test them before posting them back to you.

Ghd Eclipse and Platinum cannot be repaired


Ghd Eclipse

repair for ghd 6 eclipse model fixmyghds Scotland repair

Ghd Platinum

ghd platinum straighteners at fixmyghds for repair



This blog was written to answer the following questions that are frequently asked on Google:

Can my ghds be repaired

Can my ghd straighteners be repaired

Can ghds be fixed

Why are my Ghds beeping?

There are several reasons that you may get a bleeping noise from your Ghds.

  1. Shiver mode – When the ghds are are below about 10 deg C ( in a cold room or may have been in your bag while you have been outside during cold weather). This is a built in feature and is normal. Ghd introduced this feature to protect the heater plates from cracking. If you think your Ghds may be in shiver mode warm up gently with a hair dryer or place on a warm radiator for a few minutes to warm up. If they are still bleeping when warm then they are faulty
  2. Intermittent bleeping – If it is intermittent bleeping it will usually be the power lead connection and will usually come and go as you move the lead
  3. Regular loud bleeping – this is usually the component that detects and controls the ghd temperature. Usually when it makes this noise the Ghds do not heat up and require repairing.
  4. Irregular quiet bleeping – this is usually caused by faulty resistors on the circuit board. Some pcb faults can be repaired and some require the circuit board to be replaced. Usually the ghd fault has been caused by a power surge either because of a faulty power lead or a faulty power lead connector. These components need checking properly otherwise the fault on your straighteners will return. offer a fixed price for all of the above faults and regardless of the number of faults we would never ask you for anymore than £24.95 for the repairs. We fully test every pair of ghds before returning them and we guarantee the GHDs. Because we keep all the parts in stock 95% of our repairs are carried out the day that we receive them. If you have any questions please call Mike on 07788 144744 or book online using the purple button at the bottom of the page.

Are my GHD straighteners under lifetime warranty?

There is a common misconception that ghd have a lifetime warranty but unfortunately this is not true. No ghds have ever carried a lifetime warranty. The warranty on certain GHD products has been increased over time and the length of the warranty indicated below is correct at the time of writing this (February 2021)

GHD Platinum +                   GHD warranty period 3 years

GHD Platinum                      GHD warranty period 2 years

GHD Eclipse                          GHD warranty has now expired on all these models as they haven’t been produced for a                                                      number of years

GHD Ghd 5.0                         GHD warranty has now expired on all these models as they haven’t been produced for a                                                      number of years

GHD Curling tongs               GHD warranty 2 years

GHD Hair Dryers                  GHD warranty 12 months (except Helios 2 years)

GHD SS5 wide plate             GHD warranty 2 year

GHD 4.2 b (classic)              GHD warranty 2 years


GHD are very strict with regard to the warranty start date. There is a sticker attached to all GHD products containing the Model number and a Date Code. If your date code indicates that the product is still in warranty then GHD will honor the warranty

If The date code indicates that the product is out of warranty you will need to prove the date that you bought the straighteners. (The difference in date is because the product will have been in stock for sometime before you bought it)

Because you have to prove the date that you bought your ghds in most cases, it is important to keep your proof of purchase. It is a good idea to register your product as soon as possible with GHD in case there is a warranty claim later.

You will find that GHD are very strict with the warranty start date. It is unlikely, in our experience, that GHD will give you any grace on the warranty period. Telling them that the ghd product was a present and you didn’t receive them for 2 months after they were purchased or you have only used them a few times will make no difference – they will only warrant them for the period above, taken from the purchase date.

The next problem that you will have is the time that it takes for GHD to acknowledge a claim and send you a new ghd. You will probably find that it will take about 2 weeks.

It is worth noting that GHD don’t repair any straighteners and if you have a genuine warranty claim within the warranty period ghd will simply replace the product with new although the warranty on the new pair that they send  will expire on the date that the old pair would have expired on.

However if your ghd Straighteners have broken and they are out of warranty all is not lost. We are an independent GHD hair straightener repairer and have been carrying out ghd repair since 2010. In that time we have repaired approximately 13,000 pairs of ghds and so have probably the best knowledge of GHD and their problems of anyone in the country.

Unfortunately we cant repair the Platinum Models (no one can as no compatible parts are not available) However we can repair all models with a slide on/ off switch and because we keep all the parts for these models in stock the repair will be carried out the same day that we receive them.

If you require a ghd repair please book online using the link at the bottom of the page

GHD’s constantly beeping – not heating up

What is Shiver Mode?

I know what you are thinking – it’s when you go out in the snow and you come back in freezing cold, but apart from that how many people know what GHD shiver mode is?

At FixMyGhds we occasionally get GHD repairs sent to us and when we test them there doesn’t appear to be a fault. We go through the ghds and test all the components thoroughly and as a last resort we will ring the customer. When we ask what the fault is they say it is a constant beeping noise and they don’t warm up.

There are a couple of reasons for this. 1 is a fault in the circuit boards in side the GHD arms and the other is ‘Shiver Mode’.

Shiver Mode is a feature that GHD straighteners have built in in all models after the GHD 3.1b. (so GHD4.0 to 4.2b, 5.0 ect). It is designed so that when the temperature is below about 11 degrees C the ghds will not power the heater plates up and the GHD,s will just make a constant beeping noise.

The reason why this feature has been built into the straighteners is because if they were to get suddenly warm from below about 11 degrees the moisture in the air surrounding the PCB,s can form condensation. The condensation on the electronic components may then cause damage to the PCB’s and permanently damage the straighteners to the point where they wont power up at all and need to be sent off for repair.

11 degrees is pretty cool for the straighteners to get if they are kept in a centrally heated house but in very cold weather if the heating hasn’t been on overnight they may get below this threshold temperature. Also if you have been travelling and the ghd’s have been left in a cold car for example they may go into Shiver Mode when you first take them into the house.

If your GHDs are constantly beeping and wont heat up, before you book a repair let the straighteners warm up to above 11 degrees and they should then work properly. If you are in a rush to use them then they can be placed on a radiator for a short period of time or gently heated with a hairdryer.

If this still doesn’t work then there is a good chance that they have gone faulty and a repair should be booked from the home page of our web site All the repairs are carried out within 24 hours of us receiving them.

If you are unsure or want any more information about ghd repair please ring Mike on 07788 144744

What are the common faults with GHD Eclipse and Platinum models?

We get a lot of customers asking why we cannot repair GHD Eclipse and platinum models, so I have written this quick blog to explain what the faults are. Also, I am not aware of any repairers carrying out reliable repairs on these models.

There are 2 main differences between the Eclipse/Platinum and all the previous models. In the past GHD 3.1b, 4.0b, 4.2b and GHB 5.0 were easy to dismantle and the parts to repair them were readily available. This made Repairs relatively straight forward and economically viable. The latest models are neither of the above. They are bonded rather than screwed together which makes dismantling harder and more time consuming.

The next problem is that the later ghd models are a lot more complicated electronically and this stems from one of the features that GHD use to promote the straighteners i.e. ‘tri zone technology’. In Ghd5.0 and older there is one heater in each arm. The heater in the non-switch arm has an electronic component (thermistor) bonded to it. The Thermistor senses the temperature and sends a signal to the electronics to control both heaters and so the temperature in both plates.

In the Eclipse and Platinum models there are 3 areas in each of the 2 heaters. The temperature of each of the six zones is controlled separately with six thermistors sending signals the electronics. This six-fold increase of control and all the components associated with it appears to be one of the problems that has led to reliability problems.

The next problem effecting the latest model GHD’s is that the heater plates appear to crack a lot more readily  than older models and I have heard a couple of explanations as to why this may be. Firstly, behind the heaters is a ribbed rubber/ silicon part that supports the heater. With time and heat cycles the rubber supports appear to deteriorate and stick to the plate and cause problems as the ceramic heater heats and cools. Secondly and probably a more contributory factor is the “Tri Zone Technology”. As explained earlier each heater is divided into 3 zones which heat and cool at different times in theory to keep the plates a constant temperature along the length of the plate. However, the edges of each of the heating elements are very close to each other and 1 area may be cooling slightly while an adjacent area is heating. Over many cycles this is likely to stress the ceramic and eventually cause it to crack.

Fortunately, GHD still make the previous model GHD 5.0 which was probably the most reliable model that GHD made. Eclipse and Platinum appear to be a step backwards and it is important that potential customers read the reviews online to get an idea for themselves as to whether the Eclipse and Platinum are worth the money for a product that may not be as reliable as the old models and may not last as long.

My own personal advice is if you are going to buy GHDS then go for the older model ghd5 which is not only considerably cheaper but appears to more reliable and can be repaired if they ever go faulty