About Us

I remember the day I first bought my wife a pair of ghd hair straighteners – she was delighted with them! “The best present you ever got me” she said and, she meant it.
It wasn’t until over 18 months later, after being used every day, that my wife called me at work distraught that her pride and joy ghds had stopped working.

For the past 25 years I have worked with small electricals, testing for local authorities and repairing all manner of electrical appliances. I rushed straight home and luckily for my wife repaired them for her pretty quickly. It was then that fixmyghds.com was born.

I instantly realised that most people that are lucky enough to own ghd straighteners, rely on them to help them keep looking great. If for whatever reason they need repairing, they need to be able to trust the repair company and they need fixing fast!

Here at fixmyghds we work hard to repair and service your ghds to the highest standard and at the best price.

Our aim is to care about your ghds as much as you do and it’s for that reason we think that makes us the best company out there for ghd repairs services!

Andy Townsend, Founder, fixmyghds.com

Fixmyghds.com has no connection whatsoever with Jemella ltd owner of the GHD brand. Fixmyghds.com is an independent repair service who specialise in fixing GHD hair straighteners. If you found this site by accident and wanted to visit the official GHD site please click ‘here’

”  We care about your ghds as much as you do – we will repair them when they are broken, and then get them back to you as quickly as possible  ”

Fixmyghds.com was created to offer a premier service to ghd owners to ensure that their irons always work at their best. We understand how important your ghd’s are to you and tailor our service around that. To keep things simple we offer a simple flat fee repair service and fully guarantee any repairs we carry out.

Additionally we fully service every unit we receive so they are returned to you in “as good as new” condition. Finally before returning them to you we full PAT Test (Portable Appliance Testing) the unit, which ensures they meet health and safety standards.

At our repair centre we have a team of specialist technicians who are fully qualified and trained specifically in Ghd hair straightener repairs.

Our aim is to make sure your straighteners are repaired and returned to you in the best possible condition so that your hair will look fantastic every time you use your ghd’s.