5 stars: Excellent   
Received my working GHDs back within 5…

Received my working GHDs back within 5 days the service and price was commendable I will definitely use this company again should I need .
First class
So happy with the result especially in these challenging times

5 stars: Excellent
First time using this service and I’m…

First time using this service and I’m extremely pleased to say that I’m a very satisfied customer. My GHD straighteners randomly stopped working a couple of weeks ago, i sent them out last week and got them back within in a week. They are in perfect working condition, good as new! Would 100% recommend, definitely worth it.

5 stars: Excellent
Jan 03, 2021

Would recommend. Prompt and extremely efficient service. My daughter’s over the moon with the results.
Thank you

5 stars: Excellent

I found fix my ghds on the internet and decided I liked what I read so I sent them off for repair, what a service received them back within 3 days, working perfectly, I would highly recommend this service to anyone, FIVE STAR

5 stars: Excellent
Exceptional service

My ghds stopped working on Xmas day. On Boxing day I came across fixmyghds by doing a google search. I rang the number and spoke to a really nice guy who said I could drop them off (they were a 20 min drive away) and he would fix them while I waited. In less than 40 mins they where fixed and working better than ever. As I say it was BOXING DAY, so I can’t praise this business enough. Probably the best service I have ever received. Would definitely recommend.

5 stars: Excellent
So my GHD’s stopped working after just…

So my GHD’s stopped working after just over 2 years, knowing that the warranty had expired I approached GHD to enquire regarding a repair, which I would have been more than happy to pay for, I was absolutely stunned to be told that GHD will not carry our repairs, on my daughters advise I hit google !! There I found …. I initially called them on the number provided on their web site & spoke to a really lovely chap who assured me that a repair could be carried out, I also felt much better about sending my GHD’s to a company that I’d never heard of, the web site & booking of repair is so straight forward & easy to use. My GHD’s were returned in full working order within a couple of days, & packaged perfectly.
I really am extremely grateful , the cost of the repair was extremely reasonable, particularly if you compare it purchasing a new set of GHD’s.
Thank you so much !! I really can’t recommend you highly enough !!

5 stars: Excellent
Excellent service sent last Friday got…

Excellent service sent last Friday got them back today Thursday fixed will highly recommend to all my friends and any body else fair price

5 stars: Excellent
Ok so I was a little sceptical about…

Ok so I was a little sceptical about putting my GHDs into a jiffy bag but hey ho broken straighteners are of no use to anyone.
I paid the fee which is less than 1/4 of the price of new ones and took them to the post office on the Wednesday.
My fingers crossed all weekend on Mon5they arrived back to me all working as as clean as new😁😁😁
I have already told my work colleagues about the super afford6service I received.

I gave my ghd of over 10 years that went into a shiver mode. GHDs are really expensive as you know. Therefore buying another one was daunting. I came across this page and got into contact with my make and model and the response was quick! they could fix it. I sent it off following the clear instructions they give. Within 3 days (including 2 non-working days) i received an email that it had been fixed and sent back. A very quick, cost effective and reliable service. I definitely recommend.

5 stars: Excellent
Amazing service

Amazing service! Great communications; excellent work; quick service. Highly recommended!

5 stars: Excellent

Really quick service

Really quick service. Repaired and returned super speedy!

Fantastic service from fixmyghds – can highly recommend. My GHDs are working like brand new ones – Thanks again

5 stars: Excellent
Exellent service

Rang yesterday and asked if I could drop off 2x ghd straighteners. Mike said this wasn’t a problem. Dropped them off yesterday afternoon and collected them today. Both back up and running, new switches, wires and plates. Great price for repair and definately well worth it. I would highly recomend getting your ghd’s repaired rather than buy new. Thank you very much Mike.

5 stars: Excellent
Very impressed

I am very impressed by this service. Recently I stood on my straighteners and they broke quite badly. The only thing holding the two arms together were a few wires. After looking online I found this service and booked a repair. I sent the straighteners away on Saturday and got them back by Thursday. My straighteners came back good as new – withal repair and a clean! I am very pleased with this service and would definitely recommend!

5 stars: Excellent

Fixmyghds – today I received in the post my newly repaired ghd hair straighteners- they now work perfectly ! – I am delighted with the service received, the reasonable charge and have no hesitation in recommending this company

We are from South Africa volunteering in Israel and my ghd made crackeling noises. Couldn’t afford a new one and looked in desperation to have it fixed. Found Mike. Mailed my ghd without paper in the bag. Mike assured me it will be fine. I was notified that my ghd was delivered. Mike fixed it the same day and posted it the next day. He cleaned my ghd, put a new cord in, put a new on off switch in, fixed the crackeling and did the PAT test. Great service!!! I hope more people find this man and support him for his incredible service, credibility and standard. I surely will recommend Mike:fix my ghd.

Very good and quick service. Mike is very kind and genuine, trying to help wherever he can. Highly recommended and will use again, if needed 🙂

5 stars: Excellent
Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience! Bargain price for them to be fixed and returned in a reasonable time.
I wish I had known about this years ago.
Thank you so much!!

5 stars: Excellent
Excellent service staff very friendly and professional will defo use this service again and will also recommend to family and friends.
Maree Watren   23-12-2020

So my GHD’s stopped working after just over 2 years, knowing that the warranty had expired I approached GHD to enquire regarding a repair, which I would have been more than happy to pay for, I was absolutely stunned to be told that GHD will not carry our repairs, on my daughters advise I hit google !! There I found …. I initially called them on the number provided on their web site & spoke to a really lovely chap who  assured me that a repair could be carried out, I also felt much better about sending my GHD’s to a company that I’d never heard of, the web site & booking of repair is so straight forward & easy to use. My GHD’s were returned in full working order within a couple of days, & packaged perfectly.
I really am extremely grateful , the cost of the repair was extremely reasonable, particularly if you compare it purchasing a new set of GHD’s.
Thank you so much !! I really can’t recommend you highly enough !!

Richard Earless   20-12-2020

Fast turn around great service definitely recommend this company thank you

Natasha O’Connor   18-12-2020

Very good quick service

Linda Ratcliffe   17-12-2020

Excellent fast efficient service… Sent repaired & returned in a matter of days!!!
Many thanks …Definitely recommend

Justine Watson   10-12-2020

Excellent service sent last Friday got them back today Thursday fixed will highly recommend to all my friends 5 star rating thank you

Natasha Furguson   10-12-2020

Fast service went out of their way to get parts for my straighteners as they weren’t easy to get hold of great service from start to finish and back within a couple of days. Would highly recommend

Jacky Pillkington   8-12-2020

I was very sceptical about the whole process but broken straighteners are useless so I booked,posted and hoped.
I posted on Wednesday and got them back all fixed and clean on Monday.
Jobs a goodun😁😁😁

Stephanie Heron   6-12-2020

Quick turn around, great service

Anna Ferrara   5-12-2020

Excellent service provided, very reliable and quick and repairing and getting my ghd’s back!Have used before and definetley use again! Thank you for all your help!

Sophie Edwards- Ramiz   5-12-2020

My GHDs are over 10 years old so when I sent these off I was not expecting much but they have come back good as new and with a brand new wire !
Service was quick and professional and they have given my straighteners a new lease of life.

Daniya Natha   3-12-2020

An amazing service! Gave my straightener of over 10 years which went into shiver mode and it came back working perfectly! Amazing quality and quick service and very cheap!

Richard Thurston   2-12-2020

Amazing!  Fantastically quick; brilliant communications; great price. Highly recommended!

Donna   2-12-2020

Quick, prompt service. Very happy! I would definitely recommend.

Emma Ward   1-12-2020

Excellent service and super speedy! They were fixed and returned straight away.

Sam Hylton   1-12-2020

Great service.good price too .my ghd are working a lot better

Gaynor Nutall   1-12-2020

Excellent and efficient service provided. Simple instructions to follow and was absolutely delighted to receive my GHD’s back in full working order again. Thank you

Jillian Lee   30-11-2020

So pleased with my repaired GHDs and such a quick turnaround- posted Monday and received back last Friday.  Cannot recommend fixmyghds  enough- Thank you

Lucy   27-11-2020

I am very impressed by this service. I stood on my straighteners and the bottom part broke meaning the two arms were hanging together by a wire. After looking online, I found this service and booked a repair. I sent the straighteners away on Saturday and got them back by Thursday. The straighteners came back as good as new with the broken part all fixed and a clean! I definitely recommend for the cheap price, the speed and the amazing service!

Don Graham   24-11-2020

received GHD’s today – now in perfect working order – great service, reasonable price – all done as promised – recommend “fix my ghd’s” anytime

Sarah Paul   23-11-2020

Excellent service all fixed and returned within a week .

Lyn Leighton-Scott   22-11-2020

My classic but ancient ghd’s fixed, cleaned and as good as new. Brilliant and easy service

Amy Street   20-11-2020

I wish I had known about you years ago!
Came back in a reasonable time, nice and clean and all fixed. Such a bargain for them being fixed..

Carol Farnan   20-11-2020

Fantastic service, GHD’s repaired within a couple of days and returned looking brand new, would definitely recommend to anyone!

Smita   19-11-2020

My ghd had some electric failure. I got it repaired. The process was quick and easy. It is in full working condition. Thank you.

Jodie Wood   16-11-2020

Got my straightners back today all fixed.
Sent, fixed and received back within 5 days ( including weekend) very pleased and will definitely recommend the service.

Imogen Thomas   16-11-2020

This service is fantastic! Their customers services are excellent and Mike was very happy to chat to me on the phone. Within a matter of days my straighteners were repaired and returned to me safely. I would definitely recommend using this service over trying to contact GHD about their repair/replace options. Thank you for running a trust worthy business that focuses on repairing and reusing rather than waste and unnecessary replacement!

Tazmin Nawaz   16-11-2020

Very good and fast service.staff are friendly and professional. Will be using this service again and also will recomend to friends.

Sheila McGreggor   15-11-2020

Thank you Fixmyghds!!
It only took a week for my daughters ghds to be sent away, repaired and to be sent back. V efficient and v reasonable in price too.
V impressed.

Julie Hames   12-11-2020

Excellent quick service

Julie Rough   10-11-2020

I sent my 17 year plus Ghds to be repaired
On the 4th November had an email the next day to say they had been repaired and were already on the way back to me.
They are working fine.
Will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who’s Ghds need repairing
Thanks for the very good service and also you have saved me a fortune .

Jackie   10-11-2020

Excellent service quick easy straighteners sent back Wednesday received them Monday all working. Thank you so much.

Jane   10-11-2020

Fantastic service. Sent on tuesday back by following tuesday in full working order! Would definitely recommend this service!

Liz Hepburn   6-11-2020

Excellent service, my GHD’s were repaired and on there way back to me within 24 hours of being received

Ralf Blaine   5-11-2020

My girlfriend was about to buy some new GHD straightners as they were switching on and off whilst using due to a fault in the wire. I came across this company by chance from a Google search and I’m so glad we gave it a try. We posted them off and had them delivered back to us fixed in around 4 days! It’s such good value for money and saved me a fortune in having to buy a new pair. It’s really reassuring that they are PAT tested before they are returned to ensure they are safe too!
Hopefully we won’t need to use them again any time soon, but my girlfriend has already been recommending them to people. Really great service! Thanks guys!

Vanessa Cullinan   4-11-2020

Absolutely super service    Very reasonable  & so fast    Saved me a fortune if only I had always known about ye.  I’m delighted.   Ty soooo much.

Leah Welsh   2-11-2020

I sent my GHD’s off with everything crossed that they could be fixed, I received an email the next day saying they had been fixed and was on the way back to me, highly recommend! Amazing service.

Sue Johnstone   2-2-2020

Fab service with super quick turnaround. Simple to book. 5 star service. Many thanks

Phillip Riley   31-10-2020

Sent my partners ghd v too be repaired and  within 48 hrs they back  home and she’s straightening  her hair ,well chuffed

Sheron Baxter   30-10-2020

What can i say but fantastic sent my ghd straightens off friday a week later there back fully functional great service great price thank you so much .highly recommended.

Ann Myers   30-10-2020

Excellent  and  fast service would  recommend

Suzi Sparrow   26-10-2020

5 star service!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
GHD’s died on Tues, sent them on Weds afternoon and by Thurs evening had an email to say they had been repaired! They are 10 years old and I thought they’ve done their job I’ll just get some more but then found fix my ghds online and they are now working again!! Costing around £35 for repair and postage and saved me from spending more money on a new pair. Would highly recommend this service!

Hannah Godfrey   25-10-2020

Very impressed with this service. My GHD’s stopped working one day after three years from purchase. I was all ready to buy a new pair but then came across this website and thought I would try and save them at a fraction of the price. I sent them off on Monday and received them back on Saturday, all cleaned and looking like a brand new pair. Fully working and I could not be happier. Excellent service from start to finish. Would strongly recommend!!

Emma Phillips   24-10-2020

Excellent – great communication throughout and really great value service.

Caroline MacMahon   23-10-2020

I’m very pleased with website so easy to understand. Sent straighteners away on Tuesday received email to say been fixed and posted back out to me

Annemarie Madden   19-10-2020

Very happy with the service , got my ghds  back in working order within a few days thanks .

Marje   19-10-2020

Found Fixmyghds on the internet had two straighteners needing fixing
Followed the instructions and posted them off next day delivery
Next day had confirmation that they had been fixed and on the way back to me
Both straighteners are working well and look like new
Excellent service
Would definitely use again and would certainly recommend
Thank you Fixmyghds.

Rachel    17-10-2020

Found this company online, sent my GHD’s off for a repair, received back a couple days later all repaired! Really happy with price and was kept well informed when they received and posted back! 5 stars!

Sally Houghton   13-10-2020

Really fast efficient service posted on Thursday and received back the following Tuesday in perfect working order would absolutely recommend this company

Tanya   11-9-2020

Very quick and excellent service. My straighteners were returned within a few days.

Paula Leppenwell   9-10-2020

Absolutely brilliant service I sent them Monday had an email on Wednesday to say they had been repaired and had them delivered back on Friday, just wish I had known about them before cause have thrown quite a few pairs away over the years when they have run out of warrantee. Will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you

Lindsey Buxton   2-10-2020

Definitely 5 star rated !!
I sent my straighteners to be repaired on the Monday and by the Friday they’d been mended, cleaned and back with me… all for just £25!!
I cannot recommend this company enough and I will  be telling all my friends and family about this company !! Thank you again !!

David Comfort   30-9-2020

Brilliant service very quick turn round thanks to Mike for previous advise.

Ronnie   29-9-2020

Excellent service very pleased

Olivia Cartwright   26-9-2020

Amazing service for a good price. Sent my ghds with only second class postage but my fixed ghds were received back within a week! Highly recommended.

Angela Green   25-9-2020

Absolutely fabulous. No fuss, back in 3 days as promised. You have given them a new lease of life where GHD were prepared to do nothing despite them being just 6 months out of warranty! Thank you

Sarah Jane G,   28-9-2020

Wow wow wow I am absolutely amazed at how quick your repaired my GHD’s.  I honestly thought they would not be able to be repaired and was destined for the bin.  I decided to search on google and there you was.  Honestly guys It’s the best money I have ever spent, I sent them off and within 5 days I got my straighteners back.  Highly recommend first class service.

Bobby Kumari   21-9-2020

Fantastic quick service.

Sammy Tweedy   20-9-2020

My beloved ghds broke just after warranty ran
Found the gent paid sent returned in 4 days
For fraction of the price
Excellent service

Caryl   19-9-2020

Thank you so much fir the extremely prompt return of my repaired GHDs. Posted to you on Monday and received back on Friday in full working order.  Very impressed with the excellent service. I will definitely recommend your company.
Thanks again

Stuart Manvell   19-9-2020

Fast turnaround great communication fantastic price

Elisabetta   18-9-2020

Excellent service! Very fast turnaround.

Amanda Ritchie   18-9-2020

Fantastic service, would highly recommend.
Sent straighteners away Monday and received back fixed on Thursday, wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this service!

Danielle Short   17-9-2020

Fantastic service and very quick and keep you updated the whole time

Sarah Cole    10-9-2020

Got an email after 3 days saying my straighteners have been fixed and sent back very fast service thank you – recommended

Rosalyn Cook    9-9-2020

Excellent service, GHD”s back in perfect working order
Thank you!!

Zara Kyd   6-9-2020

So pleased a friend recommended this service, my GHDs were sent off, fixed and returned . Very quick and efficient. I am a very happy customer 🙂

Christine Pearce   30-8-2020

Thank you so much for repairing my GHD, and for doing it so efficiently and professionally. I am recommending your company to my friends and contacts

Sharron A   29-8-2020

Excellent service – my broken straighteners were fixed, cleaned and they look like new again – thank you so much I will definitely recommend your company!

Sereena Gleed   28-8-2020

Excellent service, I posted my Ghd’s off for repair and they were returned within 48 hours all repaired

Glenda Greendale   26-8-2020

Excellent service that I would thoroughly recommend.

Toni Hood   22-8-2020

Was going to purchase a new pair of straighteners as my GHDs weren’t heating up like they should. Whilst looking for a new pair popped up and for the price I thought it was worth a try. I posted my GHDs to them on the Tuesday, and had them back in my hands by Saturday morning!! They’re back to working full force and gliding their way through my super thick hair 🙌 Thank you so much 😊

Rhi   22-8-2020

Brilliant quick service

Sandra Walters   21-8-2020

I posted my broken GHDs on Monday and received them back all fixed on Friday. Would recommend

Judith Moyles   21-8-2020

I have received my ghd straighteners back and have to say what really good service. Got them fixed really fast. Would certainly use this company again and would recommend them to anyone.

Jayne Bowes   21-8-2020

First class service, and very quick Thankyou very much, would highly recommend

Lisa Bracey   20-8-2020

First I didn’t know that such a service existed so I was delighted to find out that I could have my 10-year-old GHD’s repaired. The service from the company has been nothing short of exceptional.
I emailed my details, within an hour got clear details of next steps, and hey bingo less than a week later I had my trusty old friends back looking and working like brand new!  And all for under £25 – brilliant when you realise that a new pair is approximately £180!
Super communication too. Will be sharing your details with my friends.

Deborah Ward   20-8-2020

I can’t believe how quickly this company works!  Sent me GHDs off to them on Tuesday by tracked delivery.  Got an email on Thursday, saying they had be repaired and posted back to me.  48 hours is brilliant, plus a 3 month guarantee.  Hopefully I will get them by the weekend.

Sandra Tustin   18-8-2020

Very pleased with the service you offer. Very quick and efficient

Victoria Parkinson   17-8-2020

Fantastic service – it took 4 days (including a weekend) from sending my GHDs to receiving them back in full working order. Highly recommend. Thank you!

James Hamilton   17-8-2020

Incredibly quick and easy, I ordered a repair online, packed up the straightening irons on the Wednesday and had the fully repaired irons back with me on Saturday afternoon. Highly recommend and thanks for such an incredible service!

Julie Radburn   16-8-2020

Fantastic service. Easy to use and the turn around was outstanding sent away for repair and received back in less then seven days. Would definitely recommend this company. Will definitely use them again.

Pauline   18-7-2020

A very efficient service, easy to book repair online, simple instructions provided to post GHDs, which were returned fixed within 48 hours, would definitely recommend, thank you

Pauline   18-7-2020

A very efficient service, easy to book repair online, simple instructions provided to post GHDs, which were returned fixed within 48 hours, would definitely recommend, thank you

Carol Dugan   15-8-2020

Brilliant service, I can’t believe I have my GHD working again and also I got them back within a week. Fantastic 😀 👍

Charlotte Evans   13-8-2020

Amazing service! So quick and affordable. They returned my straighteners within 48 hours fully repaired. Would recommend to a friend, much better than buying a new pair!

Debbie   13-8-2020

I posted them on Sunday and had them back again by Thursday in full working order.
Would definitely recommend . It saved me a lot of money having to buy a new pair.

Angela Andrews   13-8-2020

I sent my ghd’s to be repaired by this company on Friday and I received them back by the following Tuesday. I would reccomend this company to anyone I am a very happy customer. Thanks guys

Lynn Chadwick   12-8-2020

Very good service. Sent my GHDs off first class on Saturday and they have just arrived today Wednesday. Thank you

Pamala Holland   10-8-2020

Good efficient service, GHD’s working a treat

John Oldham   6-8-2020

A1, 5 Star excellent service.
I sent my wife’s straighteners on the Monday got them back like new on the Thursday same week. Seamless service that I can highly recommend.

Marian Girdler   6-8 -2020

Excellent service. Sent them to be repaired Monday received them back today Thursday. All up and running . Would recommend this company

Dennis Butterworth   4-8-2020

First class service and quality, repair was good and fast turnaround. Highly recommended

Lee Robb   27-7-2020

My straighteners are more than 10 years old and stopped working about 18 months ago. I tried to get them fixed at a repair cafe that I happen to run but no luck. Came across this site recently and the reviews convinced me to give it a go. Just got straighteners back today (Monday) after sending them last Wednesday. Got an email on Friday saying they were fixed and on their way back. When they arrived I took them straight out of the packaging and tried them out. They have a new cable and plug and look like new and work like a dream. My hair looks great :-))). They also reused the packaging that I sent the straighteners in which pleased me very much. Repair and reuse is the future!

Margaret Hadley 26-7-2020

Just to say thank you for an excellent service. Fast, easy, no hassle

Pauline   18-7-2020

A very efficient service, easy to book repair online, simple instructions provided to post GHDs, which were returned fixed within 48 hours, would definitely recommend, thank you.

Susan Cragg   12-7-2020

Great service,  posted straighteners 4pm Wed, got email to confirm received and fixed following day.  Got back in full working order sat morning 9.30.  Brilliant

Jair   12-7-2020

Very quick and simple process. Within 3 working days I received my straightener back and it seems to be working. Hopefully it will work for the next few years and I won’t have to use this service any time soon, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who owns a GHD.

Susan Hadfield   9-7-2020

Excellent service.   Returned in a couple of days, repaired and cleaned.   Look like brand new.   Thank you so much.

Linda Carrara   9-7-2020

Thankyou for fixing my ghds the service was amazing  and you know exactly how much your paying will definitely reccomend this to people

R Doumou   9-7-2020

No sooner had I sent my ghds, I received an email saying they had been repaired , and on the way!
That’s what i call service!!
Hopefully wont have to use this service anytime soon, but highly recommend this company
Thank you🤗

Niama   8-7-2020

I only just sent my straighteners in Monday and they have fixed them and sending me them back soo definitely would recommend super fast on fixing straightners.. I’m so happy.

C Bagnall   6-7-2020

Website very informative, booked repair, posted on 1st July they emailed to confirm repair completed and received back 6th July in perfect working order, fantastic service!
Thank you.

Katina Johnson   6-7-2020

Excellent Service I posted in 1st of July and they were back on 6th. That’s including the weekend.
Very impressed …. My GHD straighteners work great now.

Allison Wickstead    6-7-2020

Very pleased with the service. Were returned in perfect working order within a couple of days

Karen Furby    5-7-2020

Brilliant service and has saved me the expense of buying new ghd’s. Would recommend for sure.

Helen Sparks   2-7-2020

fantastic service
So easy super fast
GHD now working
100% recommended.

Kate   2-7-2020

Very quick turn around great service

Justine Eagleson   25-6-2020

Brilliant service,  so quick . Delighted that I dont gave to purchase a new pair of straighteners. Highly recommend this service

Janice Taylor   22-6-2020

Thankyou. Ghd’s arrived back this morning after a few days. All seems to be working well. Plates nice and clean.

Jane   22-6-2020

I Googled to try and find somewhere to fix my GHD’s as they suddenly stopped heating up on 13/6/20. I read the reviews for Fixmyghds and found the online booking process very easy. It’s a fixed price to repair and service.
I have had my straighteners for quite a few years and they had been working well up to now.
Very impressed and pleased with the service. I posted them on 15/06/20 and received them back one week later, 22/06/20. I also received an email to advise they were fixed and were on their way back to me.
I am so happy and pleased with the service, would definitely use again and recommend to anyone looking to get theirs fixed and not have to pay out a lot of money for a new set.

Jessica Killen   21-6-2020

100% recommended. Fixed them straight away tested them and sent them back i sent on a Thurs and got them back the following Friday.  Very happy thanks again

Georgina   17-6-2020

Amazing, speedy service
Highly recommend

Laura Edwards   16-6-2020

Excellent service. Clear instructions on website about how to package product. My GHDs were fixed and returned to me very quickly. They are working well since the repair. Many thanks!.

Jade Shepherd   15-6-2020

Excellent service and very quick delivery

Kimberly   14-6-2020

Got my GHD straighteners back just few days after posting them, I put them to the test and they work better than ever, plus they have had a good clean and look as good as new. Thank you for the fast return of them. So happy to have them back in perfect working order. X

Hazel Dykins   13-6-2020

I haven’t  had my straighteners yet but. You have fixed them , amazing service  thank you. Got more to be repaired I will sent them.  Many thanks

Bruce Carter   11-6-2020

I have nothing but praise for fixmyghds, from ordering my repair to recieving them back( repaired) was 5 working days. That’s about as good a service as you can get. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting their ghds repaired.

ken McCleod   10-6-2020

Very fast and very helpful cheers.

Sharon Creed    7-6-2020

Excellent service. Repairs carried out and  my straighteners now in good working order.

Bobby Morgan    6-6-2020

I had an old pair of GHDs that stopped working years again and I replaced them. My daughter then wanted a pair so I thought I’d try and have my old ones repaired and I’m so glad I did. They’re like new and cost me a third of the price I would have had to pay. Would highly recommend. Extremely efficient service – all dealt with within 5 days from leaving my house to return Thank you so much

Amanda Hague   6-6-2020

Your service was excellent, thank you so much for repairing my GHDS I will recommend to all friends..

Kevin Burton    5-6-2020

Quick and easy,very reasonable price highly recommend

Rodrick Hare    5-6-2020

Thanks to all the team straight forward order well informed reference repair posting instructions very good will recommend the company to friends and family keep up the good work

Claire Prichard   5-6-2020

Outstanding service, there and back within 5 days. They obviously had been not working correctly for sometime as when they were returned my hair was smooth and shiny in seconds whereas previously it took several passes of the plates. Highly recommended

Parry   5-6-2020

Excellent service. Website easy to negotiate and instructions re packaging etc very clear and concise. Service very quick …posted them on Monday and were back with me on Friday morning fixed! Ten out of ten and would definitely recommend.

Megan Coxey   5-6-2020

Absolutely fab!! Work like new now and service was so quick! So happy x x

Nat Raeside    5-6-2020

Excellent service and very straight forward. Thank you for fixing my GHDs my hair is very grateful during this lockdown

Marion   1-6-2020

What a great service. I found this website whilst looking to purchase a new pair of GHD straighteners as mine had stopped heating up and was constantly beeping. I put my details onto the website where requested and paid the fee. I got an email straight back acknowledging my payment and details to print out to send with my straighteners. I packed and sent my straighteners and got them back within 3 days fixed. I saved over £100 using this service. Communication very good. Would definitely recommend.

Liz Wright   22-5-2020

So pleased with the service from fixmyghds. Did exactly what they said they would, speedy service, excellent repair and excellent value for money. Thank you very much, would definitely recommend

Daniella 19-5-2020

Thank you was very quick hope to receive them soon really easy to do as well

Barbara Baynes   15-5-2020

Wow what an Amazing 5star Service cannot praise enough how efficient and how quickly my Ghds Straighteners were repaired. Got them back same week I will definitely use this company in the future. And they also saved me money as I wasn’t sure whether to hay them repaired or buy a new pair,they came back as new. brilliant

Debbie   12-5-2020

Fantastic service! Even in lockdown a quick service fixed and returned in just a few days

Vickie Christie   11-5-2020

Great service. Received my GHDs back today fully working a week after posting them for repair. To think i almost bought a new pair! Would highly recommend.

Nia Jones   9-5-2020

fantastic service at a very good price.

Paula Mulligan   4-4-2020

Recieved my ghds back this morning and I’m totally delighted with the repair. There are no cut corners with the repair. Would definitely recommend. My ghds are an older model so didn’t think they could be fixed but like I said I’m delighted.

Catherine Meeke   2-4-2020

Got my straighteners back good as new. Brilliant service and would highly recommend.

Anne Marie Dunn   30-3-2020

I got my ghds fixed and it’s great to have them working like new again.
The customer service was good aswell when I emailed an enquiry they got back to my in no time.
I would recommend yous to my friends and family.
Thank you very much.

Sharron Harper   24-3-2020

Fantastic fast service at very reasonable cost, from making an initial call to receiving my straighteners back in 4 days including weekend thank you
Highly recommend this service

Mary B   23-3-3-2020

Excellent service. I would highly recommend this, it’s a lot cheaper than replacing my GHDs.
Great communicator and fast turnaround

J Garrett   20-3-2020

Fabulous service,  I sent my straighteners away on Tuesday got them back working and cleaned, on Friday, I would highly recommend

Lara Wheeldon    19-3-2020

Excellent service from start to finish. Super fast getting my two sets of GHD’s fixed and back to me. They now work like new! I am so so pleased. Thankyou

Lisa Barter   11-2-2020

Fantastic service, thank you.

Michelle Stokes   6-3-2020

Brilliant service my straighteners we repaired and sent back I 3days
Would definitely recommend this company

Sarah   3-3-2020

My GHDs were fixed & sent back v quickly despite it being around new year. Very impressed with the service & price I paid.

 Donna Brook   2-3-2020

Very quick turnaround, would recommend.

 Michelle Robson   28-2-2020

Wow ! Posted on Monday returned by Friday like new 👍

Lynn Smith   23-2-2020

Great service.  My GHDs were fixed and returned within a week. So good to have them working again.  Thanks.

Tina Gibson   23-2-2020

Really pleased with my repair. my straightners are like new again. The whole process was easy and from sending them off to getting them  back was less than a week. Great service .Thank You

H Williams   20-2-2020

Excellent. Prompt efficient repair very reasonably charged

S Tyas 19-2-2020

10 out of 10 for everything. From leaving my initial message, receiving a quick and pleasant reply from Mike to sending & receiving repaired straighteners back in perfect working order took only 48 hours. Will definitely recommend this company without hesitation.

Carol Gray 9-2-2020

Straightforward process, GHDs returned very quickly.
Much cheaper than replacing them. Would use this service again.

Allison Burgin 7-2-2020

I have had my GHDs for over 10 years and was upset when they werent working as i knew to replace them would be expensive. When looking at cost of new GHDs i came across this repair site and quickly booked an appointment for my GHDs to be fixed. The instructions were easy to follow and speed of service and repair was fantastic. I will be recommending this site to all my friends as i have got excellent value for money and can now use my GHDs again with confidence.

Helen Marshall 6-2-2020

Just wanted to say thanks for a great service!!I’m very pleased with the speed and that they work perfectly again.

Yvonne Mitchell  31-1-2020

Excellent service from start to finish used this company before and will continue to do so

Jane Moyes 27-1-2020

Brilliant service! My very old GHD’s stopped heating one day.  I had started to look at replacements which were in excess of £100 when I came across Fixmyghds.  Sent off and they were returned within the week, cleaned and working and good as new.  Really fab service for a reasonable price.  Thank you.

Stephanie Allison 27-1-2020

AMAZING….. great price for repair and such an easy process. Great communication from the company too. I was a bit worried about sending them in the post but they were back in less than a week all repaired.  Wish i had done it sooner instead of putting it off. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you

Janice Styles 25-1-2020

Great service, quick and easy. Sent away and repaired and back in under 4 days! What more could you ask, fab!!!

Lee Gasson 25-1-2020

Wow!!! Amazing quick service. Thank you so much……I’ve been lost with out them

Wayne Walsh 16-1-2020

Very quick to repair and return. Apart from that will definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get theirs repaired and no doubt use again if the wife breaks them again.

Jenni 11-1-2020

Great service. Saved me over £100 from having to buy new ones. Really quick and easy to use. They called me to say they had received them and they were fixed and returned within 48 hours. I would completely recommend this company to my family and friends. Thank you

Susan MacKlelland 11-1-2020

Excellent service. Posted on Tuesday afternoon and returned on Saturday morning.  Working perfectly
Thank you so much!

Roger MacKrorry 11-1-2020

Very pleased with your service, & will recommend you to friends
Many thanks.

Billie 10-1-2020

Quick, excellent service, for a very good price! Would highly recommend this company!

Ann Taylor 7-1-2020

Really quick service

Darren Mael 7-1-2020

Great service, fixed and returned without any hassle. Would definitely use again.

James Whitekar 5-1-2020

Fantastic service, my wife’s ghd’s came back like new, so very happy
Thank you

Hugh Simm 5-1-2020

As it was the festive season I was very impressed with time scale as delivery was very quick, his time off was not very long so I give this company a very high score.

Sue Simpson 24-12-19

Fabulous! Very speedy service – received them back clean and repaired within one week of sending them…and it was the week before Christmas!

Andy Gallagher 22-12-19

Back, as good as new within 2 days! Great service. Daughter very happy 🙂

Jenifer Young 20-12-19

Wasn’t sure about sending my GHDs to a company that I hadn’t heard off but I needn’t have worried , I posted them away on Sunday and they were returned on Friday only 5 days at this busy time of year , they have been repaired and pat tested and are as good as new . Would highly recommend this company if you have GHDs that need fixed , not expensive and returned really quick . I would rate them 10 out of 10 .
Excellent service

Lynda Watson 20-12-19

72 hours from posting to me getting my straighteners back – absolutely fabulous especially when it was the week before Christmas. So pleased with the repair- my ghds are working perfectly again.

Hillary Moore 18-12-19

Absolutely brilliant service. Can’t recommend highly enough. So easy to use. Sent in post 2 days later recieved GHD’s back fixed and like new. So happy I found this company. Have another set Of GHD’s I’ll be sending to be repaired. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Beth Ridgeway 18-12-19

Really good service my Ghds are like new. Got them back in a week and a lot cheaper than buying a new pair.

Sue Thomas 13-12-19

Excellent service, kept me informed throughout the process and so pleased to get my straighteners back. Will definitely recommend, thanks.

Evelyn Dunton 4-12-19

Great service

Ian L 2-12-19

Took longer for royal mail to send them than for them to be repaired and returned. So far so good. They are working like they used to and much cheaper than buying new ones.

Sharon Wesson 27-11-19

My GHD have been delivered back to me working again today less than a week after I posted them off . An excellent service I will definitely be recommending this this company to my friends

Kuljit 24-11-19

Fantastic service. Sent 2 ghds both repaired. They even fixed the damage done by myself trying to fix them. Also returned within 2 days.

Leanne Burke 22-11-19

I got my Ghds back with in a few day which was wonderful, they are working as normal again, thank you so much , I will be passing on the great review to friends and family

Sally Martin 21-11-19

Fast service my ghds came back to me working and clean very impressed. Was kept informed

Kim Dunsdon 21-11-19

Repaired item received today ! Excellent service as promised, could not ask for better !! Your website is first class and your system is so easy to use, you deserve all the business you get. Thoroughly professional, well done. You will be recommended time and time again.

J Davison 17-11-19

Really impressed with your service. I was dubious about getting my GHDs repaired but decided given the expense of buying a new pair I’d give your company a go. I shipped my straighteners last thing Monday and had confirmation by email from you Wednesday that you had repaired them and they were back with me by Friday, and back in working order. Really pleased with the service and the turnaround time. Will definitely recommend!

Trish Kelly 14-11-19

Impressive to say the least, this service if fantastic.  This is the 2nd time I have used this service since I first bought a pair GHD straightening tongs.
Thank you for your service.

Faye Sturtivant 14-11-19

My GHds arrived back in perfect condition and working again.

they were posted out and arrived within two days.

the only thing I would suggest is actually advising what the fault was that was fixed?

good service

Lesley Radpath 13-11-19

I’m extremely happy with this service. The instructions given regarding the process of sending the GHD’s for repair are very easy to follow. The turnaround for getting them repaired is outstanding! I will definitely recommend this service to a friend.

Angie Roberts 11-11-19

What an amazing service sent, repaired and back to me in five days (that included the weekend!!) like new straighteners 🙂 Highly recommend these.

Marie Hackney 10-11-19

Great service!!!!! Posted GHDs on Tuesday afternoon received them back Saturday morning. Would highly recommend.

Gary Cole 9-11-19

Lovely quick service. Other half is very grateful. Excellent clear & easy instructions. Thanks for the great service!

Michelle R  8-11-19

So glad I found this service.  My GHDs were back to me – fixed – within the week.  Brilliant, efficient and stress free – Thank you.

Wendy Lamb 7-11-19

Really happy with Quick service and price, all fixed and cleaned, would recommend you to all my friends

Nadia Hussain 2-11-19

excellent service fixed my ghds quickly

Brenda Scott 31-10-19

Thank you for your great service. Repairing my ghd in less than a week.
Will recommend you to all my family and friends.

Catherine Tipper 26-10-19

Had changed the fuse, then the plug, then started to disassemble my GHDs myself to try and fix them as really couldn’t afford new ones. I couldn’t fix them and couldn’t put them back together again either! Sent to fixmyghds and received them back fully operational and good as new. Highly recommend.

Debbie Atkinson 24-10-19

Excellent service, posted Tuesday and back to me by Friday, good as new. Thank you so much

Carmen Qureshi 26-10-19

Thank you so much for the repair of my ghd’ s they look like new would highly recommend you to friend’s and family.Thanks again.

Sue Potter 24-10-19

The service I received from FIX MY GHD’s was simply amazing from start to finish.
Every stage was so simple and straightforward. I actually didn’t know GHD’s could be repaired so easily, lol!
Thank you!

Caroline M. 22-10-19

Quick and professional service.

Amanda James 22-10-19

Fixed & returned in same week. Im delighted

Vicky Crabtree 18-10-19

Sent my ghds to your company on Monday. Had them returned on Thursday fixed. That is really good service.
Thank you

Melanie Cameron 12-10-19

Wow what a great service sent them away o. A Tuesday and got them back in the Friday.
The plug was broken and the casing and they fixed it all and cleaned the plates .
They are like a new set of ghds .
Would highly recommend this company!
Thank you x

Denise Reynolds 8-10-19

excellent service.  Posted my ghd’s on the Monday and received back in a few days.  Website informative which tells you exactly how to pack the ghds before posting.  thank you

Andrew Eaton  29-9-19

Quick repair and returned good as new .
Would definitely recommend .

Debra Orton  29-9-19

Fantastic service, as it says on the tin
Happy hair ………..

Pam Lomas  23-9-19

Fantastic service and very prompt return.

Dave Reddard  23-9-19

Absolutely first class service, they already know what the prob was with my other halfs ghd’s just on phone, sent them away monday afternoon and back thursday morning, good as new,will be recommending to others, thanks, she’s got an old pair somewhere to send into you for repair

Karen Martin   22-9-19

Was extremely pleased with quick and easy process of getting my ghd’s fixed .
Would definitely recommend.

Nicola C   22-9-19

Brilliant service.
Repaired and returned with 48 hours as promised.
Thank you

Maryam  Ali   14-9-19

What an amazing service , sent my ghd for repair , and they repaired and sent it straight back to me. Excellent service and totally hassle free. It is defiantly worth it than buying a brand new ghd . I would defo recommend this service.

Lesley Cathrine    9-9-19

Brill service quick and easy and reasonable price , its a thumbs up from me.

Heather S.   7-9-19

Fabulous service. Sent my GHD’s to be repaired on Monday and they arrived back today (Friday) Their as good as new and came back super clean. Thank you. Would definitely recommend and use the service again.

Nicola Johnson  6-9-19

My GHD’s were only two years old when they stopped working, came to switch them on one morning….dead as a dodo.  Threw them in a drawer in 2017 and there they stayed.  A friend recommended fixmyghds so I booked and paid online.  They were returned working…after two years of being sat in a drawer at home….whoop whoop.
Overall highly recomended

Lauren Hancock  6-9-2019

Very satisfied. Quick, efficient and friendly service.

Tiffany Brooks  5-9-2019

Great service 5* email received to say my straighteners had been repaired and were being posted back to me. They returned clean and working.

Nick Simpson

Excellent prompt service with good updates

Clare Walker

Amazing service. Quick and efficient, GHD’s fixed and returned in no time. Highly recommended company.

Laura Shaw

My straighteners are as good as new! Service was easy to use, fast and efficient. Have already recommended this to a friend. Thanks

Samantha Wall

Found online – fixed and working perfectly – cheap quick and reliable the exact service i had wanted and i certainly received thank you

Deirdre Chetwood

What an amazing  service. Got my Ghd back in under a week. They look like new. Will definitely  recommend  The Repair Shop  to friends.

Donna Stuart

Very pleased with the service. I posted my ghd straighteners on the Monday and received them back on Thursday all working.

Rosemary Hollings

Efficient service! Posted my Ghds on the Monday and got them back in full working order on Friday (I might’ve gotten them back on Thursday had I not missed the last post when I sent them)
I have saved a lot of money getting them repaired instead of forking out £100+ for a new pair so all in all very happy, thanks!

Angela Barker 

I sent my GHD for repair on Tuesday and received it fully repaired and as good as new by Friday. Excellent speedy service. Thank you.

Ruth Waterton 

Fantastic service, highly recommended does exactly as they say on the website.

Clare Whittaker 

When I came across your site I thought it was too good to be there but true to your word my Ghds was back to me within 48 hrs of me posting them there good as New. Would definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thank you very much

Lynne Hammond 

Just wanted to say thanks for fixing my straighteners.
Working well now.
I would certainly recommend your company .
Fast efficient service .I posted then on Monday .Repaired and  returned Thursday . Fantastic .

Katie Hales

Very impressed. Fast effective and quality service … hair straighteners are as good as new. Thank you

Chantelle Hampson

Amazing service straight forward to book and post quick response within a day that my ghds where repaired and on the way back to me will definitely recommend

Helen Thorpe

Fantastic efficient friendly service
Am delighted with this company and would recommend them

Cindy Cheung

Received my GHD yesterday after you repaired them. Now I don’t need buy other expensive GHD. It was excellent quick repair and dispatched back to me. I will recommend to family and friends for this service.
Massive thank you again

Marie Clutterbuck

Fab fast service. Saved me having to buy another pair of straighteners. Thanks

Karen Sidall

Great service and great communication

Lynne Sprague

Every GHD owner should know about this brilliant service.  Just book your repair online, you are given helpful suggestions regarding packing and postage, pop them into the post office and a few days later, back they come, restored to their former glory.  This service really does go the extra mile as well – my straighteners are pretty ancient and the exact parts are no longer available so Mike phoned me to explain the difficulties and how he’d overcome them … where else would you get that kind of service?  My straighteners now work perfectly so big thank you to Mike and his team.

Catherine Rainey

Thank you thank you thank you for an amazing affordable service!

Emily Keep

Thank you for fixing my ghds. I was surprised to have them back so quickly. You have saved me time and money and it was great that you kept me up to date what was happening each step of the way.


Christine Potter

Just a quick message to thank you for fixing my GHD’s. I was really pleased with how fast they came back to me and I can finally use them again!! As there is nowhere to write a review, im sending this message. I shall recommend you!!


I recieved my GHD’s this morning and I would just like to say a BIG thank you.! They are lifesavers when it comes to sorting out my thick hair and I was gutted when they started playing up.! You’ve done a fantastic job on them and my hair is looking great.! Thanks so much.!



My husband sent my ghds to you recently for repair. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the very prompt service and the information about what was happening. The straighteners are now working perfectly and I will certainly tell others about your service.