Can my ghds be repaired?


how to repair faulty ghd can my ghd be repaired
Ghd repair service –

Generally speaking most models of straighteners are repairable no matter how old. However some of the very latest ghd straighteners as well as all hair hairdryers and curling tongs are not repairable as no parts are available.

If you have ghd straighteners that are broken there is a really easy way to tell if they are repairable – look at the on/off button

  1. All the models that have an on/ off button that slides from side  or up and down can be repaired (see model list below), no matter how old they are.
  2. If the button is a round button and you press it in to switch the straighteners on and off then 2 models of ghd cannot be repaired these are Ghd Platinum and Ghd Elclipse,  as no parts are available. See the images at the bottom of this blog to identify Platinum and Eclipse.
  3. However we can now repair the the new model Ghd Gold model number S7N261 (model number shown in top left of identification sticker)
Ghd Gold model identification sticker
 New Gold Model S7N261 identification


ghd gold model can now be repaired by fixmyghds
Ghd Gold can be repaired by can also repair any model of ghds if they have a button that slides.

Below is a list of GHD straightener model numbers that can be repaired:

GHD 3   GHD 3.1b   GHD 4.0   GHD 4.1   GHD 4.2   GHD 4.3   GHD 4.2b

GHD 5.0   MS  MS2   MS4   MS5   SS   SS2   SS4   SS5.0

The Model number is shown usually on the top left hand corner of a sticker that is inside the arm.

ghd repair model number for repairs. which model straighteners

It doesn’t matter how old this type of straighteners are we have all the parts in stock to carry out the repair and so they will be repaired, usually the same day, as we receive them. Because it is a postal service we can repair ghds from anywhere in the UK

The models that cannot be repaired are Platinum, Eclipse, Hairdryers and curling tongs.

Remember if the on/off button slides they are ok if it is a round button that presses in then they cannot be repaired

The process is simple through Book the repair online using the button below. Send the ghds to us along with a note with your name and return address so that we can identify them as being yours. We will repair the straighteners as soon as we receive, clean and fully test them before posting them back to you.

Ghd Eclipse and Platinum cannot be repaired


Ghd Eclipse

repair for ghd 6 eclipse model fixmyghds Scotland repair

Ghd Platinum

ghd platinum straighteners at fixmyghds for repair



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