Why choose GHD SS5.0 Wide Plate Hair Straighteners?

So the first thing to mention about Ghd’s wide plate model, GHD model SS5.0, is that it is based on an older design namely the GHD5.0. Although the GHD5.0 is still in production there are 2 newer versions – the ‘Ghd Platinum’ and the ‘Ghd eclipse’ which both use completely different technology.
At this point you may be thinking that this rules out the SS5.0 as it is old fashioned but let me say this may not be a bad thing. It appears from reading articles about the latest generation of straighteners ie the Eclipse and Platinum, that there may be reliability issues and repairs aren’t possible because of their construction. These issues in the Eclipse and Platinum don’t exist in the earlier models. At Fixmyghds we have found that the GHD5.0 are probably the most reliable model of straightener that GHD have  produced. Since the wide plate SS5.0 use the same parts It follows that they will be reliable.
As always with GHD products the packaging is very good and they come with a silicone protector that slides over the ends of the plate which means that you don’t have to wait until they are completely cool before you can pack them away, if you were travelling for example.
To use the straighteners, heat up quite quickly although I do find it strange that the light flashes as they warm up and then stays on constantly while at the correct temperature – the opposite of earlier models such as the SS4 or GHD3.1b
The wide plate Straightners were developed to be used with thick or wild hair and the size of the heater plates is sufficient to deal with the thickest, wildest hair. The straightners feel comfortable to hold and the heat doesn’t transfer through the arms as much as some makes. However, my main complaint is that there is no control over the operating temperature as there is on some straighteners that are priced considerably less. The model SS5.0 appears to operate at about 180 degrees centigrade but seams to drop about 10 degrees when used with thick hair. This is likely to be due to the wider plate as the GHD5.0 standard size heat plates don’t seem to lose temperature the same way.
Because there is no temperature control on this model it is not possible to compensate for the drop in temperature. The lack of control is also a problem when re-touching hair as often you will want the GHD’s to be cooler, say 150 degrees to have more control and less damage.
To sum up the GHD SS5.0 Wide Plate straightener:
A premium product from GHD that is ideal for thick hair but you will pay a premium price
Wide plate GHD’s will probably prove to be more reliable than the Eclipse or Platinum models and can be repaired if it does go faulty.
It feels good to use but is let down by having no temperature control