Broken ghd Hair Straighteners

Most women care about their appearance a great deal, some more than anything else in the world! In addition they are happy to spend a great deal of money on the right clothes, makeup, styling products and indeed gadgets to help bring it all together. Currently one of the gadgets of choice to assist in that perfect look are ghd hair straighteners.

For both men and women that find they have curly or frizzy hair ghds have proven to be possibly the most effective ceramic irons for the job. It has been said one of the main advantages of using these high quality irons, is the protection that the hair receives over and above cheaper irons. It has been know that when using lower end models, hair can become more broken or frizzy and in some cases split due to lack of moisture and uneven heat. Baring this in mind, if you do use hair straighteners and hair dryers on a regular basis it is highly recommended that you also use good quality shampoos and conditioners to maintain a healthy and nourished look.

Tools such as ceramic straighteners are also a perfect way to create that smooth, chic and fashionable look. Most people report that the only time they very rarely have ghd hair straightener problems. GHD’s are manufactured by good hair day a UK company to the highest standard, and this build quality is easily seen by how well the irons perform and their long working life. By utilising the best materials when you purchase ghd’s you really od have peace of mind that the irons you have bought will server you very well indeed.

The only time you may have an issue is if your ghds become faulty. GHD’s offer a fantastic free warranty with all new purchases and are well know for their great customer service and speedy replacement of any broken or faulty units. But what happens if your ghd’s are out of warranty or the problem is not covered.

Very simply you will need to find someone that can fix ghd hair straighteners.

Here are we specialise in just such matters. Everyday we receive dozens of pairs of ghds that for whatever reason are broken and not covered by the manufacturers waranty. The problems we find range from borken components within the irons themselves, problems with the power cords, right through to irons that have been stood or trampled on by accident.

The good news is that we have created a service that covers all the possible problems we could encounter, and allows you to get them repaired for one low price, which includes and spare parts and all labour. Booking the repair couldn’t be simpler. Click here to visit our ghd repair service page and securely place your order. Once the order is received we will manually book the repair in and send you a confirmation email complete with the booking reference and shipping labels you can attach to the returned items.

Once we have them we fix them and finally PAT test them, which is the official standard that electrical items must meet in order to pass health and safety regulations.

GHD Customer Service

For those who are looking to stay beautiful, they must possess the art of appreciating and applauding it at regular intervals. A charismatic sense of belief precedes things that one is looking for. The subject of beauty is well-versed and employed by entire women community. They seem to have common understanding with facts and secrets of the trade. Women would undertake all possible measures to derive aesthetic pleasure and how to make it possible. Sumptuous attempts are continuously being made to achieve best available products in the market. Hair products stand top on the list here.

GHD hair straighteners are the subject of our attention today. It goes without saying that standard being set by the respective organization has led the competition on. GHD customer service UK focuses primarily on the aspect of customer delight. All equipments used here shares relentless approach to achieve the desired results. The existing list of valuable customers bears evidence to the fact that quality shall never be compromised on.

The success factor of any product is measured by the kind of response it generates and overall market profitability ratio. It is highly imperative to invest wisely otherwise cheap hair straighteners can cause irreparable damage here. The kind of ceramic irons used in the process are considered to be the most effective functional unit in comparison to other products. GHD repair centre standards ensure that by no means hair shall be left at the mercy of compromising elements. With the advent of technical advancement, the usage part has become effortlessly easy and instant results can be asked for. The kind of hair that people wear depends on number of other factors as well. The availability of GHD website has made striking difference. It empowers thousands of people sitting back at homes or workstation to acquire significant amount of knowledge.

GHD contact number section is in earnest efforts to bridge the gap between two distant ends. The kind of response available here is an encouraging sign for those who believe in quality and taking innovative approach towards it. Time is of scarce nature so ghd customer service UK has made all the arrangements to tackle various issues comprehensibly. It would not be incorrect to put forth that audience has been comforted with all modern day techniques to strengthen the fan base.

At times, when nature causes disruption and causes public damage. Under such circumstances, one can react calmly and sit back when something goes wrong with the functioning mechanism of hair straighteners. It might catch fire or faulty ghd hair straighteners start working uncharacteristically. Such incidents never take away the credibility factor that is structured after year’s long length and reputation.

4 reasons why you should have your ghd styler repaired

There are numerous reasons why you should have your ghd styler repaired, but this article covers just four out of many good reasons why you should have the ghd tongs repaired.



Often price is the deciding factor, the tipping point of a decision. The price of a brand new ghd styler is costly; it is a quality styler after all. The price of our ghd tongs repair service is not costly, but affordable, which makes it an attractive selling point of our service (one of many reasons to use us).

When you consider that we have a fixed price, a repair through our business becomes even more attractive.


A ghd styler is a quality hair styling product used worldwide by a wide range of users. What started off being solely used in hair salons, is now used in households across the UK and also by celebrities and musicians. The current face of ghd is Katy Perry the musician and the brand is still strong, with good reason.


A ghd styler can produce a variety of results: hair straightening, curling, waves and more. It isn’t just about the end look though, it is also how easy it is to use. A ghd styler is easy to use on thick hair as well as thin. The plates heat up quickly and run smoothly through hair, where many competitors suffer and their products often require extra time to use.

So the quality of the product mentioned early translates into results. Couple this with the fact that you will know what to expect from your existing ghd styler, and provides another reason to have your ghd tongs repaired.


The environment is a worry. Many of us are concerned with packaging, new product creation and try to maximise the lifespans of existing items whilst making sure it is safe to do so.

So by using our ghd styler repair service you are extending the life of your ghd tongs, many of the parts able to be reused and the ghd styler is restored to operation once again.

Plus we perform Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) as part of our service, so safety is also addressed by our ghd repair service.


Take the four factors above and combine together and you realise a damaged or faulty ghd styler should be restored. Our ghd tongs repair service has full UK coverage and we will fix them in 72 hours or less from when we receive them.


Broken mark 3 mark 4 or gift set GHD Hair Straighteners?

Do you have a pair of broken mark 3 or mark 4 GHD Hair Straighteners? Perhaps your faulty GHD hair straighteners are part of a gift set? When you have an old pair of GHD hair straighteners you naturally would think nobody can repair them, but you would be wrong! We repair all GHD hair straightener models including the mk3, mk4 or pairs from a gift set.

Perhaps you have one of the following problems?

– The GHD hair straighteners turn off or do not heat up properly.

– The GHD hair straighteners overheat.

– Only one arm of the GHD hair straighteners heat up.

Do not attempt to fix the GHD hair straighteners yourself. Do not go through all the hassle of ‘debugging’, ‘voltage issues’, ‘temperature levels’ and trying to find suitable replacement components.

Do not attempt to repair your GHD hair straighteners yourself.

The fact is that unless you are a qualified electrician you can put yourself and others safety at risk. Plus only a specialist who is used to dealing with faulty GHD hair straighteners can provide the quality repair you require.

It is essentially that the correct replacement components are purchased. Not only can it be dangerous if the wrong replacement parts are used, but even if the GHDs work the end results can be different, such as wrong temperatures amongst other issues.

We have the correct replacement parts for your GHD hair straighteners.

When it comes to fixing or replacing cables, wires, thermistors, plates and other GHD parts, only a fully trained GHD specialist with the correct parts can properly fix the GHD hair straightener.

Plus novices will unlikely have the equipment to perform portable appliance testing, which is essential to making sure the repaired GHD hair straighteners are safe to use. Also when the repair is completed the hair straighteners should also be fully sanitised, which a novice might not do, but our UK repair service does.

Any questions please call 0845 519 6356.

Sending a pair of broken GHD hair straighteners to us saves you time, money and means they are properly fixed, tested and cleaned.

How does our service work?

  1. Order your repair via our website or by telephone.
  2. Send them to us.
  3. We fix them within 72 hours, perform PAT and clean them.
  4. We send them back.

The service covers the whole of the United Kingdom, so it does not matter where you live in the UK.

Book a GHD repair today by clicking here.

Get your GHD Styler Repair from Fix My GHDs

We all know that when it comes to hair stylers, that GHD Stylers are the best straighteners. GHDs are a quality product, and the price of the units reflects this. Sometimes things unfortunately will break, as should be expect with any electrical item. Here at Fix my GHDs we provide you and thousands of others with the answer. Which is to use our affordable GHD Styler repair service.
Our service offers to fix your GHD Stylers, not just at a great price, but to fix them in 72 hours or less from when we receive them. All you need to do is book and pay for your repair, then post them to us, and we will do all the hard work for you. Don’t go elsewhere, you have found the right GHD Styler repair service to use in the UK.
A great repair for great hair straighteners.
GHD are the top styler brand and they are an expensive item. During the current economic climate you would be forgiven for abandoning your broken GHDs and getting a cheaper replacement, if you didn’t realise they could be repaired so cheaply!
Book a GHD Styler repair with us and we will have them fixed, cleaned and looking as good as new within no time. Don’t buy a cheap pair of straighteners as a replacement. Instead get an affordable GHD Styler repair with us, and breathe new life into your GHDs.
Treat yourself to the best repair for the best straighteners.
All of our engineers are fully qualified and trained to repair portable electrical devices. All of the GHD units we receive will be fully PAT tested to comply with legal health and safety requirements. We guarantee to fix your faulty GHD Styler. So you can be rest assured your GHD Styler whatever the model, be it a MK3, MK4, limited edition or another GHD model, can be repaired by Fix My GHDs.
Our repair team are qualified electricians and experienced, so you can be satisfied that you will receive a quality service. Our aim is to make sure you get your straighteners back as quickly as possible, and we repair your GHD styler in 72 or sooner from when they arrive at our GHD Styler repair centre.
You won’t have to wear that hat for long, and you can look forward to your next good hair day when you book a GHD repair with Fix my GHDs. Call or book via the online form today.

Affordable GHD repairs at Fix my GHDs.