Broken mark 3 mark 4 or gift set GHD Hair Straighteners?

Do you have a pair of broken mark 3 or mark 4 GHD Hair Straighteners? Perhaps your faulty GHD hair straighteners are part of a gift set? When you have an old pair of GHD hair straighteners you naturally would think nobody can repair them, but you would be wrong! We repair all GHD hair straightener models including the mk3, mk4 or pairs from a gift set.

Perhaps you have one of the following problems?

– The GHD hair straighteners turn off or do not heat up properly.

– The GHD hair straighteners overheat.

– Only one arm of the GHD hair straighteners heat up.

Do not attempt to fix the GHD hair straighteners yourself. Do not go through all the hassle of ‘debugging’, ‘voltage issues’, ‘temperature levels’ and trying to find suitable replacement components.

Do not attempt to repair your GHD hair straighteners yourself.

The fact is that unless you are a qualified electrician you can put yourself and others safety at risk. Plus only a specialist who is used to dealing with faulty GHD hair straighteners can provide the quality repair you require.

It is essentially that the correct replacement components are purchased. Not only can it be dangerous if the wrong replacement parts are used, but even if the GHDs work the end results can be different, such as wrong temperatures amongst other issues.

We have the correct replacement parts for your GHD hair straighteners.

When it comes to fixing or replacing cables, wires, thermistors, plates and other GHD parts, only a fully trained GHD specialist with the correct parts can properly fix the GHD hair straightener.

Plus novices will unlikely have the equipment to perform portable appliance testing, which is essential to making sure the repaired GHD hair straighteners are safe to use. Also when the repair is completed the hair straighteners should also be fully sanitised, which a novice might not do, but our UK repair service does.

Any questions please call 0845 519 6356.

Sending a pair of broken GHD hair straighteners to us saves you time, money and means they are properly fixed, tested and cleaned.

How does our service work?

  1. Order your repair via our website or by telephone.
  2. Send them to us.
  3. We fix them within 72 hours, perform PAT and clean them.
  4. We send them back.

The service covers the whole of the United Kingdom, so it does not matter where you live in the UK.

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